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The project during 2012-2015 consisted of 6 Research Groups which involved 6 Greek Universities and Research Centers: Ionian University in Corfu, Institute of Mediterranean Studies in Crete, National Research Foundation in Athens, University of Crete in Crete, University of Thessaly in Volos and Aegean University in Chios. The core of the project is 20 members (Main Research Group) with 71 collaborators (External Collaborators Research Group). 
The total team was composed of 91 scholars (professors, senior researchers, young researchers (Ph.D. holders), PhD. students, post-graduate students) from 11 Greek Universities and Research Centers and 20 Universities and Research Centers from Turkey, Bulgaria, Rumania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and the United States.

The project since 2017 continues under the title “History of the Black Sea, 18th-20th centuries” from the Institute for Mediterranean Studies – FORTH with members from the Institute and new external collaborators.

The managerial and organizational structure of the research project (2012-2015)

  • The Principal Investigator was the head of the research program and communicates directly with the six Co-investigators.
  • Each co-investigator was the head and managed his own Research Group which consists of (a) the members of the Main Research Group (M.R.G.) and (b) the members of the Research Group of External Collaborators (R.G.E.C.).
  • All six Research Groups participated in all four Work packages, as indicated in the above plan.
  • In the first Work Package the first three Research Groups (Ionian, NHRF and IMS) were responsible for the archival research for specific maritime regions as indicated in the above plan (for detailed analysis of Work Packages see the GANT table). The second three Research Groups (Cretan, Thessalian, and Aegean) dealt thematically with all maritime regions and collaborated with previous three for sources and fieldwork.
  • In the second Work Package the processing of the material from the pool of the collected material took place from each Research Group according to its maritime region and subject under research. A special team from all Research Groups was formed to process the data.
  • The third Work Package is for communication and exchange of results and ideas of all Research Groups. Workshops and conferences was organized to different areas each time to that end.
  • In the final fourth Work Package the writing up of studies took place from all Research Groups.
The Poem of the Black Sea Project

There once was a sea that had
Beaches of wheat and islands of bread.
Everything by it was fully sublime,
Not only the Porte, but also its wine.
Circasian beauties, Moldavian pines,
Ukrainian wheat, Anatolian mines
We had them all for us and to sell,
We were just short of qualified personnel.
Odessa, Batumi, Galati, Istanbul
Had their markets so cheap and so full
That tempted you Greeks to come with your fleet
To carry the timber, the wool or the wheat.
Should we be grateful or should we be mad?
I do not speak for the rest, but I am glad.

Constantine Ardeleanu,
Second Black Sea Conference,
Constantza, May/June 2014